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Our Fast House Sale Service

Here we give you an overview of our service compared with the traditional method of selling a home to help you decide if you want to sell your house fast or go the “normal” route.

See our “Why Us” page to find out more about how we can help you achieve a fast house sale.


Traditional Estate Agents Service

You contact a number of estate agents and wait to hear back from them.

The contacted agents will inform you of their fees, commissions, and terms of service.

You go through the sometimes wildly differing agent’s fees and decide on the one you would like to work with.

An evaluation date is set up, which you will have to pay.

Your agent will prepare a contract, and you will be asked to sign this paperwork to commit to a fee and a time period where the agency will be the sole seller of your property. Typically, this will be for around three months.

You will be asked to pay for a Home Information Pack, which the agency will prepare to provide them with marketing materials.

At this point, hopefully, you will get some viewers. you will need to be on call seven days a week and make sure the property is in spotless condition during this time. So most of your stuff will be in the garage – you’ll be living out of boxes. You will also need a lot of patience to avoid losing your temper with tire kickers and time wasters.

Wait to see if you get an offer. Be prepared to reduce your price by around 10%.

In the event a serious offer is made you will need to hire a solicitor, and of course, pay for his services.

Expect to wait another few weeks while the buyer looks into local authority searches. If any unforeseen issues arise be prepared to further lower your price.

Exchange contracts and arrange a completion date.

Sign the sale, arrange to hand over the keys and pay your estate agent a large commission.

Typical time frame of this described process is between three and four months.


Our Fast House Sale Service

Fill out the provided form on the right-hand side of the page. We will call you back almost immediately.

At you earliest convenience, we will send a rep or visit in person to evaluate your property.

Within 48 hours of visiting your home, we will make you a cash offer. You do not have to decide immediately if you would like to accept our offer, as it will be held open for 10 days, giving you plenty of time to decide.

Once you choose to accept our offer, we will appoint two solicitors who are each completely independent of the other. All legal costs are met by us.

Contracts are exchanged, and a completion date is arranged to suit you.

Generally speaking, this entire process will take no longer than 14 days.

Because our service is so fast, our clients often need help with storage facilities. Although we do not have storage in-house, we recommend this site where you can compare storage in London prices.


What are you waiting for? Fill out the form now, and your house could be sold within 14 days!